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Home Improvement scams are rampant says BBB.

May 31st, 2011

The Better Business Bureaus in the U.S. and Canada are warning homeowners to be looking out for residence improvement scams. Much less-than-reputable or unqualified contractors blow into town promising a variety of qualified services at lower-fee prices. They might show up at your door, promote in weekly papers or mail fliers to your home. Complaints to the BBB concern a wide range of issues, including high-pressure sales techniques, confusion over contract terms, poor workmanship, incomplete job performance, over-charging and in some circumstances, house foreclosures. “It’s not your fortunate day when a contractor shows up to your doorstep offering a too-good-to-be-true deal on a project. The salesperson may declare he has materials left over from a previous job at your neighbor’s home or the ‘home down the street.’ It is a frequent ploy of fly-by-evening contractors who are based out-of-state and use their pick-up trucks as their workplace,” said Steve Cole, president and CEO of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. Complaints in opposition to residencial home improvement/house restore contractors are among the many most common consumer complaints obtained by the Better Business Bureau. And there may be little surprise, considering how lucrative the scam is. Americans spent over $200 billion in 2008 on residence remodeling/repair tasks, in keeping with the National Affiliation of Dwelling Builders. “There are millions of respected home improvement contractors who will ship quality work, on time and within budget. Consumers can keep away from pricey errors and scams by performing some analysis earlier than opening their wallets,” said Cole. Comparing value earlier than making a monetary dedication towards any dwelling improvement project may be very important. In doing so, you need to solicit at the least two or three bids from prospective contractors based mostly on the same building specifications, materials, labor and time needed to complete the project. The BBB advises home owner to never let a contractor pressure them into making a snap decision. A good professional window contractor will recognize that you simply want time to contemplate many elements when deciding which contractor to hire. When searching for a dependable contractor, customers should employ a contractor with an established enterprise in their area. Ask for testimonials or references and test them out. Look into the contractor’s standard of work and his skilled affiliations; confirm his insurance; and examine to see if he must be licensed. Test with the BBB for a report on the contractor. Do not permit work to start out with no signed written contract that includes all verbal guarantees that were made by the contractor. Make certain that the written contract features a begin and completion date, a breakdown of the cost and details about the contractor, including license number, road tackle and phone number. If you happen to need financing in your venture, it may not be clever to agree to financing via your contractor or someone he suggests. “Customers complain that they had been pressured to sign quite a lot of papers and only later came upon that they had agreed to a home fairness mortgage with a very excessive fee, factors and fees. Fastidiously read every document earlier than you give your consent. You’ll be able to normally get a better deal on financing by shopping around by yourself and comparing loan phrases from several lenders,” Cole added. In case you are asked to pay for your complete job up-entrance, this should raise a pink flag. Organize for payments to be made as components of the job are completed. Final cost shouldn’t be due until the job is done. And, owners should pay by verify or bank card, by no means cash. If you need a quote from an A+ home improvement contractor in Pensacala call Majors Home Improvment 1-877-983-2899.

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Secure, Fast, Cost Effective Solution For ATM Parts Repairs

May 31st, 2011

Supplying components for ATM machines is an intensely demanding business. There can be no trade-off between speed, security and reliability. No mistakes .

One trusted worldwide indepedent provider can restore and ship top quality ATM components quicker and at a reduced price than the main manufacturers.

TestLink is the market’s leading independent provider of ATM parts. It won and kept the number one spot by considerably raising the bar for quality, reliability, speed and security.

OEM-trained engineers at TestLink completely strip down and restore ATM parts in bank-approved secure facilities in the UK and Czech Republic.

They carry out preventative maintenance to remove previously identified weak areas in parts, enhancing ATM machine reliability. And they do it much better and quicker than anyone else.

So you can hold a lot more compact inventories of ATM spares – safe in the understanding that TestLink can swiftly replenish your inventory. That means much less storage space and far fewer workers .

TestLink has also solved the other big fear when it comes to ATM parts – yield.

If you send in 100 ATM parts for repair, how many can be repaired? 80 per cent? 85 per cent? 90 per cent?

Not good enough. Why settle for an 80-90 per cent yield? Hold out for 100 per cent.

TestLink can offer you 100 per cent yield as  a guaranteed service – eradicating a whole range of complications involving the refurbishment of ATM machines}:

  • 100 per cent guaranteed repairs means ATM spares expenses are known and predictable
  • 100 per cent yield means no concerns about shortfalls and having to locate substitute sources
  • using one dependable global source for ATM spares cuts administration and transportation expenses.

But why stop there? Why not go a step further? Stop worrying about ATM parts and maintenance if it is not your main business. Outsource it entirely.

Outsourcing your ATM spares stock management to TestLink  removes the hassle totally and transfers it  to a single specialist with 20 years of experience and expertise.

That means a a lot of savings for your organisation:

  • no more big and complicated parts inventory for your ATM cash machines
  • large financial savings in warehousing and worker expenses
  • no more concerns about components depreciation and obsolescence
  • 100 per cent recycling of ATM components
  • considerably lower administration overheads
  • simple, predictable and scalable expenses.

Opting for the next stage, ATM parts inventory ownership, adds an additional advantage – TestLink owns all the ATM spares. So there are no stock and depreciation charges. This is very popular with financial directors.

TestLink Managing Director Greg Hughes said: “ATM service companies have historically been compelled to hold vast reserves of ATM parts so they can cope with any eventuality and prevent penalties.

“But we know that one-third of all those ATM spares are ‘useless inventory’ – costing service providers millions of pounds. Outsourcing your ATM components repair and administration is the easy and obvious solution.”

For additional details concerning spares for ATM machines, get in touch with TestLink Managing Director Greg Hughes on 44 (0)1202 627100,


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Are There Any Good Reason to Have Disaster Preparedness Supplies? Ask Your Children

May 31st, 2011

Think back across the last 15 years and about disasters that caused interruption of the intertwined food supply chain that brings all our food to the supermarkets. What if you were in the Gulf Coast area when Hurricane Katrina caused massive disruption? What about within a few hundred miles of Mount Saint Helens and the ash fall area? Then ask yourself if you are a place that could be struck a natural disaster like an earthquake, hurricane, flooding or anything else that can disrupt the food supply system.

Do you have loved ones in your family that depend on you to provide for them? How would you feel if you can not support your family and children? Think about what it would be like day after day looking at your hungry and thirsty children and not being able to do anything about it. The time to keep something like that from occurring is immediately.

Here are three guidelines to help you to get started on building a plan.

Make sure you have a safe location that everyone knows to come to. For some people this will be their home, but it also could be a retreat up in the woods, or a relative’s house. It is best to have a place that is accessible and won’t have many people that will want your supplies.

Have a source of water, a way to keep it, and a way to get potable water. A wonderful way to do this is to have a well drilled on your property. Another is to identify a river or brook nearby and make sure you have water filtration equipment on hand.

Have a reserve of food available. You can begin by picking up some cases of canned soup and beans locally, but to do this properly you should plan out the amount of calories that you would require based on the number of people that are dependent on you and how long you think food will be unavailable. Furthermore, make sure that food does not rot by rotating it regularly or getting food designed for long-term storage.

The time to prepare for an emergency so you can plan for the survival of your family is before the disaster occurs. Make a plan and take action now.

Find out more about disaster preparedness supplies and family survival kits so you can properly prepare for an emergency at

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The Best In Safety- Home Security Camera

May 30th, 2011

Is your home safe? Safety represents both from indoor and outdoor. This is applicable to all the houses without bothering about their weight in the society. Surveillance should be prioritized especially in this new age. Your home can be invaded any time by any kind of intruders. If you are not living in luxury, don’t think that the danger can not knock your door. According to the report, it is showing that in every 15 seconds a case of burglary is lodged.

Homes that are being affected by the burglary cases are becoming very usual every where round the world. The homeowners are now the main targets for these criminals to get with their hardening business ventures with tough surveillance every where. It is true that no one thinks before hand, but before the crisis we should keep the measures for it. For this reason you find regular news about home burglary cases. But don’t be hopeless as home security camera is there to save you.

There are several different ways of residential surveillance or home security camera.Like the USB DVR System, Complete Systems and IP Cameras.

USB DVR System: This model is the best in the whole surveillance system. There are four indoor and outdoor camerasand you can mount it anywhere to see what is happening at your front door, backdoor or wherever.Here is both the day and the night vision procedures. This is totally hooked with the hardware and associated with the computer. The things that are attached are adjusted with the net connection and in that way you can see it globally. There are both the wired and the wireless system you can find.

Complete Systems:You can find three types of systems as 4, 8, and 16 channel wired or wireless systems.It include DVR, camera and equipment to get attach with them. The top most level of a foolproof in surveillance systems is in home security camera. There are remote controls to operate these systems.

IP Cameras: You can keep this anywhere in the outdoor and in the indoor. This system connects directly to your computer thus you can see that DVR is not required. You can see the out door cameras that are in 60 foot range in complete darkness. Ip of your server is used here so that you can set it according to your wish in case of the internet. That’s the main process to protect your home from anyone whom you don’t want to let go inside your house.

Lastly these are the way to protect your home by yourself with some special gadgets.

This website will give you more information on:
Home Security Camera Systems
Wireless Security Camera

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How to Use Radon Maps to find out if Your Residence has a Radon Contamination Issue

May 30th, 2011

Radon Gas is a naturally occurring byproduct of uranium which is present in all rocks, soils, brick and concrete. We are exposed to minute amounts of this gas every day. Because radon gas occurs in such minute amounts and it is colourless and odourless, it is not detectable by our human senses. Because it can not be detected, it is often difficult to realize how dangerous it can be. Radon gas in a well vented space is not harmful, however, naturally occurring radon can seep into basements and other confined spaces and accumulate in unacceptable concentrations. Radon Gas is only considered a significant heath risk in high concentrations. It has been shown that at elevated concentrations of radon, there is a significant risk of lung cancer. It has been estimated by the WHO that there are between 1000 and 2000 deaths each year from radon exposure. Unfortunately, few people are aware of the dangers presented by radon gas. In the UK, radon induced lung cancer is the second leading cause of lung cancer next to smoking!

The good news is that radon contamination if present in your home is relatively easy to remove.

Radon Maps

The local geological formations of an area significantly influence the amount of naturally occurring radon gas in your area. In the UK, there are areas were the risk is very low and areas where the risk of radon gas is relatively high. It is advised that you understand which areas you live in. Most countries that have a significant risk of radon gas, have produced studies that show the radon risk in all areas of their countries. The HPA in the UK have been responsible for producing these studies in the UK. These maps are available online. The radon maps indicate the areas that are at high risk of radon contamination contamination. It is important to understand that the radon map identifies the probability of your home having a radon gas problem. That’s to say if you are in a high risk area you may not have a problem or if you are in a low risk area you don’t have a problem. Radon in the home depends on many factors including home construction and ventilation. However, the radon maps show the probability that a problem may exist due to higher ground concentrations of Radon Contamination.

With the availability of the radon maps, it is easy for the home owner to determine if there is a significant risk of radon gas in their home. With a few clicks of your mouse, it is possible to find the risk factor for your area. Armed with that information, you will be able to make informed decisions about your family’s safely. If you are concerned about the presence of radon gas in your home, there are inexpensive radon test kits available. These kits can be purchased by the homeowner and are generally regarded as being very accurate. The cost of a radon test kit is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing your family is not being put at risk

If radon is present in unacceptable levels, the home owner should seek out expert help with the problem. Airtech Environmental Systems has qualified people that can guide you through the remediation process.

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Home Security Considerations for Your Peace of Mind

May 30th, 2011

Some people only give home security a thought once they have been broken into, and by then it’s too late. It is a lot like anything else where people think it will not, or cannot, happen to them. After reading around a bit you’ll come to the conclusion that owning a home security system isn’t very difficult. Reading about the variety of devices used in home security today can be a little exciting and there are many ways of getting it done. There are some great bits of kit that will really make you think “wow”. There is way too much available to discuss, but we will talk about a few hot topics regarding home security.

Maintaining your house protected is critical. Consequently go get a cash advance loan online if required however don’t leave your house unprotected for a minute more. Perhaps a lot of homeowners feel a little intimidated at the thought of getting a security system. However, they might just think that implementation of such system would be a very difficult task. But knowledge and information will be able to assist you so that you feel a whole lot more confident about everything. You are most likely able to think of threats to your house. Most house burglaries tend to happen at a door and after that they are most likely to occur at a window. When you have identified all of the possible threats to your home you can simply find ways to prevent them being exploited. If you look around online you will find lots of information to help you with this.

A number of people choose these option when doing everything by themselves. By assembling your own custom system you can pick different things and leave things you don’t want out to save a bit of money. But this approach does require you to do research and become knowledgeable about many areas. You may decide on getting a security camera or two, and if you do you’ll have to choose what’s best for your property. There are undoubtedly hundreds of different security cameras available for pretty much all needs and budgets. It is important that you become more accustomed to technology. You can purchase black and white, color and (IR) infra red cameras for night vision.

Technological considerations must be taken into account for each camera, things like the charge-couple-device. Where there are low light levels the technology will affect the quality of the video. So you will want a high CCD of no less than one-third inch, and that value is actually the standard CCD size. You must be wary that saving money may mean the device you get has lower quality. All this simply means is in conditions where there’s not a lot of light you may not get a very clear video. Considering security is at risk here that wouldn’t be very ideal.

Should you be considering your 1st home monitoring unit, research all you can if you are wanting association. Otherwise, you can hire a security consultant business or other business that provides suggestions plus solutions.


How to Save Money?

May 30th, 2011

Saving money & investing can be both soothing and exciting!  Saving is all about present peace of mind, while investing  buys working assets that raise in worth as time passes .  

Savings can be liquid, meaning they must be easily changed to cash.  Investments should not be thought of as a ready source for cash because their values are expected to fluctuate over time.  The hoped-for trade-off is that longer term investments reward persons with higher total profits .

Experienced Investment planners recommend that we all keep a savings reserve just big enough to cover emergency repairs to cars and home, out of pocket medical costs and all fixed monthly expenses for any unforeseen period of unemployment.  Especially , the unemployment reserve should suffice for six months of joblessness.  These savings should be in extremely safe instruments such as FDIC insured money market accounts and US Treasury bills.  

Note well: protecting your savings and investments means having health insurance.  Without health insurance, out-of-pocket medical cost can drain out a significant portion of your life’s savings or even smash you.

We all do a bit of borrowing, saving money & investing.  This mix of debt, savings and investments makes up your own balance sheet.  

Four simple rules clarifies when to save, invest, increase or decrease debt:

First, save to recommended levels before investing. Having all your money tied up in a unstable stock can lead to losses if an emergency arises to cash out during a down market.  

Second, pay off high-interest credit cards before investing.  They are a facility that experienced investors use meagerly .  

Third, once you attain your recommended level of savings, begin investing.  The third rule takes us to portfolio optimization, a topic which, although very interesting , goes beyond the scope of this article.   Let it suffice to say that having too much of your assets in highly liquid, safe investments might reduce the future totals in your retirement and education funds.  As investors have a long time horizon to fund those future needs, assets allowed to cover them may safely multiply at a higher rate in more fast growing asset classes such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real estate and collectibles.

Fourth rule is that if your employer matches your 401k retirement savings, invest to this plan before paying down debt or making other investments.  These matching contributions are basically free money, so you should max out the employer match as long as you can do so comfortably.  A 50% employer savings match beats any legal credit card interest rate!

Learn more about

Investools on Nasdaq

Investools Investment Education 


Advantage of made to measure curtain

May 29th, 2011

Made to measure curtains, bring a lot more to rooms in your home, ballroom, and also resort suites than what regular curtains would do. Do you like elegance, fashion, and comfort being in the room? Are you a very unique person who loves to add your own personal contact to any and everything which represents you? Or are you a professional interior decorator who wants to build or keep their name known? Then this is the way to go for the project or the statement you want to make. This option is not cheap, but is fair with prices giving you the advantage of bringing out the rooms own uniquel taste and sense without half doing the room. No worrying about the blinds not completely covering your home windows, or drapery not fitting the volume of your windows because of non-accurate measurements. Have you ever seen an unusual made window such as an octagon window, or a windowpane larger than the average size, and wondered how the becoming of the drapery is accurate and perfect, becoming every to every inch of the window? This is the advantage of Custom measured widows.

Purchasing bespoke curtains and made to measure curtains online, have many advantages that will save you time as well as someone else’s. Online is a best way to go with purchasing if your busy and can’t find time to go to a store and look around. You have the option to browse through many different designs, fabrics, and design your custom look right from your desk top. To get accurate measurements you may need to hire someone professional. To measure yourself, make sure you take your time. Your curtain rail should be positioned 15cm above the window extending 15-20cm either side. You have to measure the drop, and this involves you knowing if you want them to the floor or below the sill. Sill length measures 15cm and floor length measures 1.5cm from the floor. You would also measure the width, deciding if you want overlapping curtains when closed. These measurements are usually 2.5cm. Make sure your measurements are correct, vast majority of these companies hold you responsible for your own measurements.

Online sites offer many discounts, also giving you the advantage of requesting samples to be delivered to the home so you can make a quicker and perfect decision rather than heading off memory, or a picture that may not even be the same color after  all when you get the material home. You can also revert to the site whenever you want to get another’s opinion by seeing the material you’re pondering about purchasing. A lot vitally, for you, you conserve yourself a headache, hassle, frustration, and also confusion.


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Discovering the proper Strategy to Generate Income On the internet

May 29th, 2011

One will always be amazed at the astounding range of prospects accessible for earning from web-based sources. Men and women generally contemplate easy methods to go about researching possibilities to do this. Quite a few men and women are generally wary of the hiding scams along with scammers which fleece you of your cash and energy. A good number of web pages are usually cost-free to join with however make certain that you do not expose any kind of confidential data to such sites. Notwithstanding these types of hiding risks, there are genuine web sites where one is a candidate to Get Paid To autosurf, talk, fill up forms, type, etc. and make quite a handsome sum in the deal. Placing all your eggs in 1 revenue basket just isn’t a fine concept.

Testing out a variety of options will harvest much more reward due to the fact you in no way understand which of these job opportunities is better paying. If writing is your strenght, then you are able to Get Paid To write for content directories, blogging internet sites, or perhaps publishing commentary in discussion boards. Sit-at-home mothers, senior citizens,and  part-time career hunters are the types to benefit most from these kinds of Get Paid To do on the internet jobs. Then one more method is that of filling in forms and completing on-line reviews which go a long way to increase your present earnings. Read through the web and get hold of information on those web-sites supplying job opportunities such as filling up forms or doing online surveys. You may possibly need to work with more than a few of Get Paid To Survey websites if you happen to be hunting to generate a proper income since online surveys are not carried out routinely and confined to simply about once or twice a month. Selecting authors to write blogs is also a job turning popular with a range of blog web sites.

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Rookie Woodworking Tasks – Utilizing Woodworking Plans

May 29th, 2011

You may become entirely confused when you decide to start off your new pastime of diy. DIY DIY Objectives is a wonderful put to begin, as the data that is there, should benefit you in quite a few ways. It is so economical and could provide you with a new perspective, that you should need once simply acquiring started. There are several distinct avenues to follow, facts that can help you on your way. If you necessity sure blueprints, or plans, these folks are there, rather than buying that reserve that was suggested to you.grizzly tools

The internet could supply you with all this info, as it is quite affordable and also the specialists in woodworking, possess applied doing so method of getting details, instead of going to books or various items to read. The high quality of these periodicals will not be a disappointment to you, but it is very very advisable.

Men and females who have been carrying out diy for years, are online to improve the newbie to obtain the a lot of tasks that these folks have been dreaming about making, at some point in their lives. They realize how hard it is to get going in wooden crafting, and are inclined to give their experience with others. Their event could add to many many years worth of demo and error and you will be using doing so know-how to your benefit.

You will not assume it once you see how quite a few plans it is easy to get online, when employing the DIY Woodworking Objectives. They are so affordable and the number of plans are unbelievable, to say the least. How may you doable get into a book, as many plans as around 15,000 tasks of DIY woodworking. This volume of info boggles the thoughts and is in fact a really unbelievable total amount to consider in, all at for woodworking

It is so simple, the benefit for you to take, is so simple, all you do is to download all the goal which you want, devoid of going to all the trouble of heading from one keep to another, collecting all the facts that it is possible to perhaps retain. The problems with going to the stores, is getting to collect all the directions too, building sure that they are with each and every package which you have been capable to locate in the first stick. This would need to transpire each time you start a new project.

A set of excellent plans are so valuable, as any particular person who is significant about doing so woodworking industry is aware of without a doubt. These folks enjoy to possess them appropriate there so which when these folks are eager to generate a new project, which these folks will not have to traipse throughout the country side locating it. If you have any inquiries regarding the certain DIY Woodworking Plans that you possess picked out to do, after that all you have to do is e-mail which person your query and that skilled should be more than contented to get back to you with an answer.

As a new particular person making an attempt out these highly effective and risky items of equipment and tools, satisfy be additional cautious and take all the precautions which is vital to continue to be safe.

woodworking plans

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