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5 Wood Carving Aspects Woodworkers Should Know

Wood carving is an ancient art and was one of the primary forms of art.  Maybe they have some insipiration when making it but this special arts is an strong indicator of the human being period that identify these ancient times. Native carvers from the past up to the present have constantly found it difficult to give expression specially to the eye.  Before the wood carving appearence, people just design his eyes with some colorful substances.  

There are a number of styles and methods in wood carving.  Chip carving, relief carving, flat plane wood carving, caricature carving, fretwork and whittling. All these methods are used in the actual woodworking labor and are widly considered in different plans for furniture, gardening plans, workbench plans and bird house plans.

Chip carving is one of the oldest and plainest techniques which makes use of short-bladed knives to remove wood chips in making intricate designs.  The patterns for chip carving are either free-form style or grounded on geometric shapes or figures. Instead, when wood is clamped on to he work table is called relief carving. This variety comes with two styles namely the high relief, which makes use of deep cuts, and low relief, which makes use of shallower cuts to pieces with outlines or sketches.

One approach of figure carving is the flat plane wood carving.  The level surface of these large forms created with this technique are made with the use of a carving knife.

If you have noticed, there are some caricature carving that exaggerates a person creating a humorous one.  Some of these arts are used with government people or big picture stars.  

To create patterns with open spaces and backgrounds for a relief is widely used the fretwork. another art is whittling and is made by usind a light pocket knife.  this art is recognized for carving forms froms the raw food.  Woodworkers use whittling knives because this stubby handles an easier grip to allow precise control.

Selection of the wood type should also be considered.  A wood’s grain or texture is the number one rule when selecting wood.  There are three types of grains, namely the straight, interlocked or fiddleback.  Arranging the more fragile parts of the design along the grain is a wise option, because of the density and strength, Oak is the first choice for wood carving.  Oak and chesnut wood are very similar.  Some painted decorations that are not fragile are made in pine wood.

There are a lot of necessary tools that every woodworker should have and these are: the veiner, the carving knife, carving hollows, rounds and sweeping curves, V tools and small chisels.

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