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What exactly is Private Cloud Hosting?

September 7th, 2011

Cloud hosting is a online hosting solution which is delivered through a network group of servers that happen to be connected with one another. With leading cloud host providers availableness of bandwidth isn’t a challenge simply because they will have completely excess computer networks to provide continuous and dependable cloud hosting services and solutions.

A private cloud (often times referred to as a Virtual Private Cloud or Private Data Center) is an entire IT system (e.g. Servers, load balancers, storage, firewall programs, etc…) which is actually virtualized and hosted within a data center resource.

PayPerCloud’s private cloud internet hosting products and solutions are good for firms which like to develop a private resource pool dedicated to operate their mission-critical hosted infrastructure. Even as completely new application packages are implemented, additional virtual machines can be easily provisioned inside the pool and others decommissioned, for a genuinely lively IT environment. Also, in cases where additional resources happen to be necessary for short-term high-load jobs, compute resources in the pool could be dynamically assigned to the job to help satisfy your ever changing demands.

A Higher Level of Cloud Computing

With PayPerCloud’s private cloud products and solutions, you do not require to be concerned about your software applications competing for compute resources with those pertaining to some other business; your cloud is fully devoted for your requirements. Also, private clouds furnish far more integration and customization together with devoted equipment (physical servers, network system elements) and also deliver a higher amount of security that facilitates better compliance.

PayPerCloud’s qualified technical workforce manages your private cloud from practically all perspectives – OS, Internet and DB server administration, patching, virtualization, safety, storage, backups, networking, and firewalls – so that you can really concentrate on running your primary business functions. These aspects are guaranteed by our system level SLAs and 24×7 support.

PayPerCloud’s private cloud products and solutions enable you to have devoted computer resources
to build your own private cloud infrastructure. With a private cloud, you enjoy 100 % control on how you can devote server resources within the pool (for instance, CPU, memory) towards your different application packages. Also, you can establish Virtual Machines for evaluation testing, development or maybe short-term necessities among the production Virtual Machines based on the capacity constraints of the pool.

Private clouds equip you with the adaptability, protection and customization to run your mission-critical applications with no concern about over-subscription. Furthermore, certain applications may not be ideal to virtualize. A private cloud includes the versatility of integrating a mix of physical and virtual servers customized to your demands (whilst public clouds only deliver virtual servers).

Why should you decide on PayPerCloud private cloud hosting solutions?

PayPerCloud’s best private cloud hosting products and solutions provide the below stated merits:

1. Have your very own private, secure, expandable hosting products and solutions.
2. Trim down or stop the continual growth of CAPEX for technology refreshes.
3. Cut down the cost and inefficiency of IT silos.
4. Cut back all round IT expenditures.
5. Slash the number of physical servers within your server colocation facility.
6. Scale back your electricity utilization costs by around 70%.
7. Respond a lot more quickly to internal needs.
8. Help electronic media development and syndication.
9. Manage continual assistance and repairs and maintenance for your computer network systems.
10. Your complete network system is formulated for ease of disaster recovery.

PayPerCloud’s private cloud/private data center solutions include aspects like:

1. An user friendly graphical interface which allows people to develop, allot and manage the computing resources as required.
2. High-availability; 100% uptime SLA.
3. Scalable design to help support your development.
4. 100% redundancy with in-built overseeing and self-healing functionality.
5. Application-level snapshots that make entire application packages available for one-click implementation.
6. Built-in information back-up/disaster recovery.
7. Your solution is hosted inside a Tier III Data Center.
8. Round-the-clock client support.
9. Easy access to PayPerCloud’s onsite Data Center and Information Technology Engineering Services.
10. Just one expected monthly cost for just about everything.

PayPerCloud’s private cloud hosting strategic solution revolutionizes managing your applications by rendering you with unprecedented adaptability, control and visibility.

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