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The gorgeous finish that is new oak

September 23rd, 2011

picking  furniture can cause a dilemma  or two with so much choice of styles and materials to choose from . It’s not something you’re likely to do often, mainly due to the outlay . So here’s some  ideas   as to why wooden furniture, especially oak is a good addition to your house  and a few tips on how to care for it once it’s yours.

When you pick your décor and accessories, you’ll find that wooden furniture is far more versatile than other products. Changing soft furnishings in the future gives you the option of a whole new look without having to replace the larger, more costly items .

 For many people sustainability is a huge issue these days, including us. Wood is a replenishable resource and your supplier should be able to tell you where it came from. Most of the timber for our Devon Oak range is sourced from managed forests .

Solid Oak

Wood, of course, comes in many different varieties and solid oak, such as Devonshire Oak furniture range, has certain advantages over other types of wood. 

  • As a natural material, wood expands and contracts when exposed to humidity.  If it is well constructed, solid wooden furniture won’t change shape over time. On the other hand, a mix of solid wood and particle board can be affected by normal levels of expansion and contraction, eventually causing joints and edges to break apart.
  • Every piece of solid wood furniture varies a little bit, which makes your furniture distinctive – no two pieces are the same. Hard wood has a denser grain than soft wood which makes it stronger and more durable but it’s also heavier to move about .
  • As long as the manufacturer gives every item the same level of care in their construction, you’ll get a fantastic  result which you can be proud of for many years . Wood is an investment and good quality oak furniture may well outlive the rest of the accessories in your home, especially if it’s cared for well.

Looking after your furniture

Caring for your wood extends the life of your furniture. This starts with choosing whether you purchase finished or unfinished pieces .

  1. The Devonshire Oak furniture range is finished with lacquers so it’s ready for the stresses and strains of everyday life as soon as it’s delivered.
  2. You may prefer the unfinished look but this is prone to stains and dirt marks.
  3. Some people enjoy the process of finishing it themselves, which gives them more choice in the shading and depth of colour staining .

Once you’ve received your wooden  furniture, be careful how you move pieces around. Chairs and tables should always be lifted, never dragged to avoid putting strain on the joints which weakens them. More than one person may be needed for heavier or larger pieces.

Avoid leaving water and other liquids on surfaces as this may ruin them. Lacquered finishes, such as those on the Devon Oak range are also susceptible to alcohol and nail varnish remover. Be careful with fragrant oils as well, as drips can dissolve the finish on your wood .

Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy your wooden furniture.

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