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Fuel Cards & Vehicle Tracking Help Lower Costs

September 24th, 2011

Fuel prices have been at the heart of news article for months now; as they proceed to increase and with an extra duty increase probably happening within the arriving weeks, the need to lower diesel and petrol costs has never been such a requirement. 

It’s always vital for a business to control its costs, in particular in today’s tough economic times. 

For many enterprises that handle an entire fleet of company vehicles the cost of fuel often feels like its spiraling out of control. 

This one of the important reasons as to why many enterprises are looking to fleet cards as a realistic and helpful option. This is simply because no matter how many vehicles your fleet has these fuel cards are confirmed to decrease your fuel expenses.

A fleet fuel card coupled with a vehicle tracking program can be the answer to a healthy fleet of autos!

The time to make solid fleet management decisions has come, this will help ensure that your business remains competitive. This demands making enquiries about vehicle tracking systems and introducing a fuel card policy. Introducing these management tools to your business enterprise you can lower your monthly fuel bills and decrease vehicle charges too.

It is important to note that the number of enquiries to fuel card suppliers and vehicle tracking service providers has already increased since the start of the year; this is due to one reason, to lower fuel expenses and remain competitive. 

Vehicle tracking has risen in popularity because it helps managers gain control over their drivers’ behaviour and fuel usage and also closely screens private mileage as well. On average vehicle tracking companies claim that the fleet savings average at around 20%.

Fuel cards present the best, most efficient way, to handle fuel expenditures and ensure that you claim back the full VAT amounts owed to you.

Using vehicle tracking and fuel cards collectively is without doubt a powerful way of reducing vehicle costs and enhancing cash flow.  

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