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Finding Out The Many Applications And Advantages of Control Cards

June 9th, 2011

Some companies at the moment are using automated access control devices to have easier and more effective control to their premises.  Aided by the current products of security installations that use automated systems, monitoring of outgoing and incoming individuals and execution of strict security rules are successfully carried out.  Electronic access programs are usually very helpful when it comes to spying on employees.  A few workers could cheat their daily time records with the old fashioned security measures, however once access monitoring products are placed in every single nook, the exact time of arrival and departure of a worker could be place on record.  EAC devices can be completely different from one company to another.  Some may use bewator access control cards and some take advantage of biometric scanners.

With huge establishments, several persons might get access to amenities but establishment owners can choose to assign time schedule for the employees when they could enter.  They could be refused of entry in case it is not their schedule to work.  This secures the company somehow.  As an example, in the event that employees are not required to report on Saturdays then they aren’t supposed to be inside the office or building premises on that time; that is why, they usually are denied entry to the place of work even if they already have the access keyfobs or cards.  A centralized device could deactivate cards or keys and keep doors and gates sealed for unauthorized access.

An impressive feature concerning these sophisticated systems is that they can keep track of who gets into the office.  This is certainly quite important in the event of misplaced cards or keys.  Whenever a regular key to  a house is missing, normally, the owner would have to change it as well as the lock.  But with electronic access systems, the card passcode is actually deactivated in order to make it useless.  So anyone who finds the missing card will not be able to use it.  Furthermore, it is easy to track if somebody grabs hold of the misplaced card and attempts to enter into an office, as this sort of attempt is being monitored.

However, there are basically two kinds of electronically based access control systems.  Dependent on the use, these are standalone and networked systems.  Large companies would use the networked security control access where all access control scanning or reading equipment on all entrances link to a central processing unit.  The central unit, thus, controls every door, gate, turnstile or any entrance.  During emergency situations when security may get in danger, an controller can simply lock all entrances to forestall unwanted entry or lock in possible intruders.  The main computer is in addition responsible for activating and deactivating keys to entrances.  Meanwhile, standalone access devices are excellent for single units and rooms and are also separate to other devices.  As earlier suggested, access to an electronically secured establishment or room could be possible through the use of control cards, biometric scans, or keyfobs.

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Use Access Keyfobs In Protecting Your Workplaces And Homes

June 4th, 2011

Since technology advances, an increasing number of individuals are discovering the benefits of sophistication in every aspect of living.  Among the commonly employed development in work venues and homes is the usage of advanced security system that gives a higher amount of peace of mind to people.  Vanished are the days when a person can just check out stores that sell locks and keys.  This time around there are a lot of variety as security system technology goes even bigger to include more types of locking system which controls access and provides security that does not need keys.  Yes, in fact, the globe comes into a completely new order and along with this new age change comes another way of accomplishing things.  You can likewise consider the hottest things that are available if you were accustomed to having locks and keys as these are the old, traditional way of safe-guarding buildings, offices as well as rooms from unexpected intruders.  While you do not have to purchase a biometric scanner to install on the wall close to your door, it is possible to lock your house and keep it safe from thiefs at nighttime specifically when you are out by making use of unique codes by using access keyfobs, which are very obtainable in stores if you know where to look.
Now there are a number of causes why individuals are not anymore attracted to keys.  These kinds of things are inconvenient at times.  Just how are you supposed to reach the key to a lock if you’re bringing plenty of things in both of your hands?  That is why most homeowners and even workers wish to have keyless system, which makes for easier and more convenient means of going into their house or their office.  With the advanced means of closing rooms or establishments, a person may simply key in a code or touch a button.  You may not even have to rummage through your things in your bag or search your wallets for your keys.

Fobs are the best way to quickly distinguish the correct key.  But the more sophisticated access control keyfobs give everyone a simpler means to get in their place or house by simply touching the fob, which is basically a handy and small electronic unit that serves to switch on door locks.

Keyless access can be possible with access control cards that are also turned on electronically.  These kind of units are more effective than outdated keys because they could be quickly adjusted by replacing the codes and may even be deactivated or activated in cases of loss or theft, hence your house is safe.  Whenever keys are lost or damaged, you have to replace them with a new one and sometimes you also need to replace the locks.  Locks and chains can give certain security to your homes and workplaces but are at times unsafe.  What if other people maintain spares of your keys?  Your things and facility are not safe.  With code-activated locking mechanism, even another cardholder will be unable to enter in your facility without your consent.  Gone are the times when you can only place the keys underneath a pot nearby the door since anyone can get the keys and obtain access to your home and this is just terrible.

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Access Control Keyfobs Allows You To Experience The Benefits Of Keyless Access

May 28th, 2011

Gaining access to doors no longer involves keys and locks alone.  Today there is a completely new technology which makes use of keyless access employing devices that unlocks doors from a range.  This technology is often used in cars wherein vehicle users will be able to automatically open the hatch by means of access keyfobs.  Fobs operate similar to that of remote controls that emit radio waves with unique frequency, which only the matching entry lock can receive.  When pushing the fob control key the matching door unlocks, still oftentimes door locks may include codes that needs to be keyed in before the lock opens.  Nothing is a lot more protected as compared to that.  One can possibly vary the unique codes since you wish to stop it from getting copied by prying would-be criminals.

Fobs being used in cars normally have around three control keys.  The first is used to shut doors and the other is to unlock.  The 3rd button comes useful in emergency conditions.  It triggers the alarm horn and flashing lights.  Useful keyless access controls which appear to be as compact remote controls may come separate from the keys, nevertheless certain versions in reality are combined with the key.  The latter type is handier.

Automated access control systems might include the use of access control keyfobs, which often come with tried and tested technology which is proven to offer a high degree of security.  The radio waves transported by key fobs are certainly not influenced by external problems.  Key fobs don’t use battery power meaning the key fob may be used for a long time, provided that it does not get damaged or lost.  Needless to say, these fobs must include a scanning device situated at the entry post, like your gate.  The signal transfer takes place in fraction of a part of a second.  The rate of signal  transfer is not affected by any kind of oil or dirt masking the fob.  Even a gust of air can’t redirect the transmission route.  This can be a far easier technique.  Absolutely no need for keys, that take time to unlock gates.  And if you have both of your hands holding stuff, then key fobs provide the much better use than do ordinary keys.

What do key fobs have?  Key fobs are usually a lot more than ordinary keys.  In a fob is a work of electronic engineering with sophisticated and careful design to provide the most effective way of securing your properties, offices and homes.  A microchip can be seen in the fob and this very small chip has a distinct identification number.  This particular combination of numbers can never be replicated because any intruder would have to generate about tens of billions of number sequences, giving you a lot more security and greater peace of mind.  On the other hand, the code rooted in the fob includes a built-in electronic device so that it will not be read by the scanning device the wrong way.

Keyless access also comes with access cards like the bewator access control cards.  Just search online if you have questions about access security and access control paraphernalia.

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Enhancing Security Methods By Using Bewator Access Control Cards

May 11th, 2011

Security is of major importance in any office regardless of whether that will be for business, commercial, industrial, or academic (school).  In these kinds of establishments, lots of people can easily enter the place and almost always security might not be so strict as to sift unofficial workers from being able to access confidential offices.  However, a lot of companies already have overcomed possible robbers by just putting highly developed security facility within the buildings where they do business.  In any business, you can find various records, files, as well as equipment that are not only prized but in addition paramount to its existence.  A lot of issues may happen if security methods are not implemented.  Vital business records may be compromised because of improperly secured computer databases and unlocked rooms and offices.  This has been taking place in so many businesses and the burglary is usually done a long time before it gets discovered.  This needs to be avoided for the reason that company’s standing is always at the maximum consideration.  Advanced access control method includes a lot of varied security measures for example the use of biometric scanning device or access control cards that are scanned by means of digital card readers located by the turnstile or on the door.

Almost all companies are now using stringent procedures in terms of security and this is for you to keep any kind of betrayal from happening later on.  For example, selected groups of employees can be given access to areas they would be using throughout their work time.  Throughout this period, they could be denied entry to certain areas where their presence is not really essential.  Beyond the time of duty, they may not be provided admittance, even to their workstations, despite having their control cards.  Apparently, control cards are designed with superiority that they can either be activated or deactivated by a central unit.  A good example is a dismissed staff who wants to have access inside.  He or she can be denied access as his or her job has ended.  Such data may be fed on the central unit in order to sift incoming people and verify whether their access is authorized or not.

You can find stores that will position your company security at a higher level.  There are likewise businesses which are designed to making security identification cards that could be utilized as “keys” to doors or gates.  The advantage of access card system is they can actually be, as implied and indicated earlier on, manipulated by a computer program that reads data of the card bearer.  Keys have quickly gone out of style these days, particularly if what’s in mind is substantial security.  Keys and locks may be easily opened by experienced robbers, rendering them less efficient when utilized in enormous businesses and organizations where important facilities and data need to be protected.  Access control system makes use of codes as the primary characteristic.  These digital codes could be replaced during specific conditions like when the card is lost or stolen; hence, stopping the robber from having entry while using card.  For your security needs, simply look for companies that manufacture bewator access control cards and keyfobs.

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Access Control Cards Secure Your Office Against Intruders

May 7th, 2011

Centralized security device is currently being used in many offices of numerous firms all around the world to employ the strict measures in an effort to prevent crime from being performed within their vicinities.  Gone were the times when people are only allowed to count on locks and keys for after a while they end up being not so helpful in preventing burglary and illegal access.  Nowadays having sophisticated technology that makes use of electronic and computerized systems in developing higher security levels, more offices can feel utmost security and that just means increased levels of peace.  Keys are out of style today but instead they have become modified to meet today’s standard security setups to access control to services and thus minimize the potential of theft as well as other related crimes.  For instance, control cards have become the current fashion in hotels, offices, industrial areas, work venues, and commercial establishments.  Of course, if you do not get them that means you are denied of entry.  But it doesn’t mean once you have them you are allowed of entry all the time.  Most of these digitally controlled key cards can actually be activated or deactivated on certain occasions.

Furthermore, access control designs are different and one building or company can get a distinctive security setup that is different from what is found in any other companies.  Dependent on how vital the data or equipment or activity inside a facility, security measures could be designed so as to match with the appropriate security requirements of the facility.  Many business establishments have a reception area where clients can be kept entertained before allowing them go inside.  Guests could actually put on  temporary visitor IDs.  Most companies and offices are actually relying on digital readers that are placed or installed on the doors.  Any person, for example a staff, inputs a passcode that if identified by the scanner allows him or her to enter.  This kind of electronic guard method is likewise applied in residential buildings.  PINs and codes could be instantly stolen by somebody who is prying and this is usually a setback that many companies want to get rid of.  A lot more advanced systems make use of scanners that examine a part of your body.  Biometric scanning equipment read fingerprints or palm geometry or retinal scans.  These days facial biometric scanners are starting to become popular in some but not in general access control applications.  Keyless entry has likewise grown to be possible with access control keyfobs and remote control unlocking devices.  This gives you a simple way of obtaining entry to your facility or your room.

Many companies are now using card systems and access control cards.  There are also cards that could be swiped via a card reader.  In case of RFID cards, these are scanned coming from a distance, without any swiping.

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