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Fuel Cards & Vehicle Tracking Help Lower Costs

September 24th, 2011

Fuel prices have been at the heart of news article for months now; as they proceed to increase and with an extra duty increase probably happening within the arriving weeks, the need to lower diesel and petrol costs has never been such a requirement. 

It’s always vital for a business to control its costs, in particular in today’s tough economic times. 

For many enterprises that handle an entire fleet of company vehicles the cost of fuel often feels like its spiraling out of control. 

This one of the important reasons as to why many enterprises are looking to fleet cards as a realistic and helpful option. This is simply because no matter how many vehicles your fleet has these fuel cards are confirmed to decrease your fuel expenses.

A fleet fuel card coupled with a vehicle tracking program can be the answer to a healthy fleet of autos!

The time to make solid fleet management decisions has come, this will help ensure that your business remains competitive. This demands making enquiries about vehicle tracking systems and introducing a fuel card policy. Introducing these management tools to your business enterprise you can lower your monthly fuel bills and decrease vehicle charges too.

It is important to note that the number of enquiries to fuel card suppliers and vehicle tracking service providers has already increased since the start of the year; this is due to one reason, to lower fuel expenses and remain competitive. 

Vehicle tracking has risen in popularity because it helps managers gain control over their drivers’ behaviour and fuel usage and also closely screens private mileage as well. On average vehicle tracking companies claim that the fleet savings average at around 20%.

Fuel cards present the best, most efficient way, to handle fuel expenditures and ensure that you claim back the full VAT amounts owed to you.

Using vehicle tracking and fuel cards collectively is without doubt a powerful way of reducing vehicle costs and enhancing cash flow.  

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Making A Business Fleet More Secure

July 28th, 2011

Business usually take strict precautions to make certain that they are absolutely insured and their assets are protected, yet forget to protect the one purchase which is used throughout a company every day, this being fuel. It may seem peculiar to propose that fuel can be protected, but it can be done so easily and effectively.

Fuel cards are a popular method used by business fleets and sole traders to pay for diesel, petrol and other products at forecourts. It is important to know that fuel cards can also be used by independent individuals looking to save money on their fuel bills as well. Fuel cards are very easy to apply for and are beneficial for businesses which rely heavily on vehicles on a daily basis. They not only offer significant savings on fuel prices but also prevent unauthorised use and purchasing of fuel.

Fuel cards are becoming increasingly popular mainly because of the security advantages that they supply. They remove the need for drivers to pay by petty cash, this not only makes the administration surrounding fuel purchasing more manageable but also increases a driver’s security as there is no need to carry cash on their person.

Along with cash free transactions, fuel cards produce a thorough itemised invoice that is automatic and dependable as the information is captured during at the time of the transaction.

Fuel cards also have an option of limiting the transactions to only fuel-related items and any suspicious transactions made on a fuel card is reported which can really support in lowering the number of unauthorised use and fraudulent fuel claims.

One of the famend advantages to a business is that a fuel card can have a fuelling restriction programmed to it, this monitors and allows a fixed volume per transaction, per day or per week. This will make it possible for a manager to pick the number of transactions that are allowed per day or on a weekly basis, in order to prevent any undesired use of the card.

Fuel cards not only aid with managing the fuel purchasing process they also help secure it too, something which is unique to this method of payment, it is vital to control fuel costs as it is widely reported that exaggerated  fuel claims can have a detrimental effect on the finances of a company.

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Fuel Cards Can Make Fuel Prices Cheaper

July 10th, 2011

There are countless reports with regards to the pressure that inflated fuel expenses are causing to organisations, this truly highlights the value of good fleet management in today’s business functions.

The problems of managing a fleet of vehicles has brought about the role of a Fleet Manager to become one of the most demanding managerial roles in the sector.

One of the most notable pressure a Fleet Manager is under is to decrease fuel costs.

There are little avenues to examine which will result in cheaper fuel prices due to the nature of the commodity; however one option to this difficult request is to put into action a fuel card policy.

A fuel card policy not only makes the administrative side of fleet management more accurate and effortless to manage but also allows businesses to benefit from cheaper fuel.

Fuel cards allow a fleet to save considerable amounts of money every year; with select suppliers offering guaranteed savings of up to 3pence per litre.

It is important to pick the right fuel card supplier to make sure you are getting the best fuel card with the most exclusive savings.

There are many fuel cards suppliers in the market providing several benefits, however it is worth keeping an eye on the less noticeable features of the account; many suppliers are charging charges on account which incurs hefty costs, for example non-usage fees. This is why it is so vital to find a supplier who will not only guarantee to save you money, but will also give you an account which is clear with no concealed charges.

The reward of using a fuel card policy is it will not only give you low cost diesel, it allows inefficiencies in your fleet to be identified which means any fuel wastage can quickly be identified and rectified.

A fuel card invoice is absolutely VAT approved therefore there is no need to submit individual receipts, this means more data is submitted and therefore more money can be reclaimed.

In many organisations fuel prices are turning out to be uncontrollable therefore reanalysing fleet management functions has never been more vital.

If you already have a fuel card policy it is also worth remembering to reevaluate your current supplier to make certain you really are getting the cheap diesel you have been promised and are reaping the benefits of an efficient fuel card policy.  

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