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Making A Business Fleet More Secure

July 28th, 2011

Business usually take strict precautions to make certain that they are absolutely insured and their assets are protected, yet forget to protect the one purchase which is used throughout a company every day, this being fuel. It may seem peculiar to propose that fuel can be protected, but it can be done so easily and effectively.

Fuel cards are a popular method used by business fleets and sole traders to pay for diesel, petrol and other products at forecourts. It is important to know that fuel cards can also be used by independent individuals looking to save money on their fuel bills as well. Fuel cards are very easy to apply for and are beneficial for businesses which rely heavily on vehicles on a daily basis. They not only offer significant savings on fuel prices but also prevent unauthorised use and purchasing of fuel.

Fuel cards are becoming increasingly popular mainly because of the security advantages that they supply. They remove the need for drivers to pay by petty cash, this not only makes the administration surrounding fuel purchasing more manageable but also increases a driver’s security as there is no need to carry cash on their person.

Along with cash free transactions, fuel cards produce a thorough itemised invoice that is automatic and dependable as the information is captured during at the time of the transaction.

Fuel cards also have an option of limiting the transactions to only fuel-related items and any suspicious transactions made on a fuel card is reported which can really support in lowering the number of unauthorised use and fraudulent fuel claims.

One of the famend advantages to a business is that a fuel card can have a fuelling restriction programmed to it, this monitors and allows a fixed volume per transaction, per day or per week. This will make it possible for a manager to pick the number of transactions that are allowed per day or on a weekly basis, in order to prevent any undesired use of the card.

Fuel cards not only aid with managing the fuel purchasing process they also help secure it too, something which is unique to this method of payment, it is vital to control fuel costs as it is widely reported that exaggerated  fuel claims can have a detrimental effect on the finances of a company.

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Fuel Cards Help Lower Company Costs

May 8th, 2011

With economic times toughening Fleet management has changed and is no longer merely sustaining company vehicles; finance and accounting is now an unavoidable element of the job.

This is why fuel cards have increased in popularity over recent years, as they are confirmed to be a perfect solution to manage your fleet’s needs; more so than any other accessible payment strategy.

Fuel cards as designed to do one particular thing, and that is obtain fuel. This means that they can offer a wealth of information to the person looking after the fuel bills, this can really help make sure that the fleet is running at its optimum level.

Business owners and Fleet Managers are focusing more on fuel cards than ever before; there are so many rewards to using a fuel card that help meet the wants of the modern day fleet manager.

The role of a fleet manager’s has developed and is so much more than just taking care of the vehicles. Focus has shifted to the financial facet of fleet management, therefore making sure the company’s bottom line remains positive, is key.

With fuel escalating in price the pressure is mounting to meet financial targets, this is one of the primary reasons as to why fuel cards are growing in attractiveness.

Your fuel card provider should help you find a network of forecourts according to your travel needs and one which provides the best available fuel prices.

A key benefit of the fuel card is the cost saving associated with it, however this will depend on the card and should be discussed with your supplier before going ahead with any applications.

There are many fuel cards on the market in the UK across diverse networks; Shell, BP, Esso, Total and Texaco are to name but a few, therefore the capability of your fuel card supplier to meet your needs will be dependent on the portfolio of cards they own.

Fuel cards are not just restricted to UK use, with Europe being an open market more and more people call for access to forecourts across countries such as France, Germany and Spain.

It is important to know that there are also fuel cards available on the market which cover Europe too, thus helping to ensure that a fair price is also paid when travelling overseas too.

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