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Genie Remote Controls

June 28th, 2011

Genie Company has developed a many different garage door lifts and remote controls. The favorite brands from Genie include the Excelerator, the Chain Glide, OverHead Door, Code-Dodger and Intellicode.

Genie uses state-of-the-art ideas in its Genie garage door openers. The Intellicode® garage door remote system changes the security code to one of millions of combinations each time the transmitter is executed, thus making it one of the securest technologies available. Genie garage door openers open faster than as competitors garage door openers but close at normal speeds. They are very quiet, have a bright, wide-angle lighting and powerful lift design and can work in all seasonal conditions. Such consumer technologies make the Genie brand of garage door openers most popular around the globe.

Many Genie garage door remotes are in use today. Dependability, high craftsmanship and nationwide service are just a few reasons to select a Genie manufacturered garage door opener or replacement Genie Company remote control. In fact, Genie does not develop a universal remote transmitter because they have found that these remotes are rarely dependable. These remotes need a frequency of radio waves, ranges and power requirements across a spectrum of available combinations. A devoted Genie remote controller provides the norm of performance and reliability that customers want from a garage door opener.

If you are looking for a Genie replacement remote, check the date of your Genie garage door opener. Remotes manufactured after 1996 will work with your Intellicode device. Pre-1996 controls used fixed-code combinations and are not supported by Genie Intellicode technology.

Consumers who are looking for the highest-quality, most dependable repair parts for their garage door openers depend the Genie name to deliver each and every time. The popular H6000A-2K garage-door lift is common among consumers who say it’s quiet, reliable and easy to install. The Genie garage door opener is a screw-driven model — so it’s less noisy than a chain-pulled garage-door opener, but not as quiet as a more expensive belt-driven model. The Genie H6000A-2K includes a high-end mount console, two three-button remotes, wireless keypad and safety beam sensors. It comes with a ten-year warranty on the motor and two years on other components.

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Linear Replacement Door Parts

June 20th, 2011

Linear Comapny was founded in 1961 by Ted Farrell and begin as a retail store that sold and repaired automatic garage door operators for residential installations.

The organization is known as a leader in designed radio frequency (RF) solutions and is a major supplier of wireless residential safety systems, access modules, intercoms, garage door parts, and gate operators, among their multitude of Linear garage door replace parts and products.

Today, Linear combines secondary infrared sensory, radio frequency transmission and reception, digital means and human intelligence to build highly valuable, highly reliable security products. Linear’s model offerings number in the hundreds, and range from repair parts for garage doors, to simple transmitter/receiver links for use in just about any applications needed, to completely supervised RF based security systems. The Linear line of RF related items and accessories are wide-reaching. The home or business owner who needs to find the best in replacement parts for garage doors should consider the quality of Linear garage door parts.

Home security solutions bearing the Linear name are installed residentially and commercially all over the US and around the world. The company is well known for the quality and reliability of its replacement parts for garage doors and garage door remotes.

Linear is on the forefront in the development, manufacture, and global distribution of electronic and electro-mechanical components and systems, serving a many regions with more than 1,500 items, including Linear replacement parts and garage openers and all replacement parts.

The Company’s proven quality and reliability have made it – and all its brands – trusted garage products, and the items of choice for retail distributors, dealers and installers for nearly 50 years. Homeowners and do-it-yourselfers have a trusted resource for all garage door replacement products with Linear Corporation.

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Genie Garage Door Parts

May 25th, 2011

Genie is one of America’s best known and trusted garage door manufacturer. Started in 1923, Genie was first known as the Alliance Manufacturing Company, and it manufactured a broad line of consumer, industrial, military and Genie garage door replacement parts.

In the early 50′s, the Alliance Manufacturing Company manufactured its first garage door opener unit. Genie was the first mass-produced, radio-operated residential garage door lift, becoming the market leader in innovation, safety and trustworthy service of garage door replacement parts.

The 1970s saw innovations that widened the market for garage door openers with mass retailers for the first time. Consumer appeal for these garage door parts grew as part of the quickly growing do-it-yourself industry. In the early 80′s Genie entered the home and shop vacuum market, and in 1985 it changed its name to Genie Home Products.

In due time the Overhead Door Corporation acquired the company in 1994, the Genie name had become an icon of trust and reliability for millions of customers around the world who sought out the brand in home improvement centers, hardware stores, wholesale clubs, and professional installing dealers. Its continuing focus on product quality, innovation and service remains the hallmark of the Genie garage door legacy.

Today, Genie manufactures garage door parts and remote-controlled garage door lift for multiple distribution means. Tons of Genie items are on the market today. Dependability,high quality and nationwide service are just a few reasons to choose a Genie branded garage door remote. Customers who are looking for the best, most trustworthy replacement parts for their garage door openers trust the Genie brand to deliver each and every time.

Genie produces the DirectLift® Screw Drive and the DirectLift® Plus Screw Drive, PowerLift® and PowerLift® Plus Genie garage door openers, in addition to a large selection of replacement products for all of their brands. You can also find sensors, universal codepad sets. Be sure to look for genuine Genie replacement parts for your garage door fixes.

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Liftmaster Replacement Door Parts

May 2nd, 2011

LiftMaster home garage door lifts offer a broad selection in functioanlity, features, and durability – more so than any other garage door manufacturer. Liftmaster, which includes the Chamberlain and Sears brands, provides cost-effective LiftMaster garage door replacement parts and openers.

LiftMaster products are designed to function well in conjunction together, such as in gated communities, or to operate well on their own, as is often the case with LiftMaster garage door parts. All LiftMaster residential garage access solutions are designed to withstand even the toughest of conditions and years of extended use, and come with thoughtful add-ons built to make home security even more convenient. Do-it-yourselfers can find quality LiftMaster garage door repair parts and garage door opener parts for every replacement or repair warranted.

The company has transformed the garage door opener industry several times over: with a drive belt produced of polyurethane and molded with bendable steel cords, similar to a steel belted tire; with the introduction of the Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®), which allows for smooth-running function; with its industry-leading opener – the 3850 DC Motor Belt Drive with EverCharge® Standby Power – that will function even when the power goes out; and with the 3595 3/4 HP Carriage House garage door opener, one of the only three professionally installed garage door lists with 3/4 HP strength, designed to lift even the heaviest garage doors.

One of LiftMasters’s best inventions, the LiftMaster Fingerprint Keyless Entry, which recognizes up to 10 distinct fingerprints as a method to open your garage. This means no more digging for keys or worrying about neighbors the keypad’s combination.

Since its introduction, the LiftMaster brand has grown a lot, as has its residential brand acknowledgment. Its devotion to quality replacement parts, including LiftMaster replacement parts for garage doors and openers, is as well known in the industry.

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